Pacte – Social science research center

Pacte is one of the leading research centers in social science in France. It brings together researchers from many different horizons – political scientists, geographers, urban planners, sociologists, economists, historians, jurists – and covers important fields of research in social science. The laboratory counts around 120 researchers and academics, 26 engineers, technicians and administrative staff, as well as 180 Ph.D. students.

Pacte, as a joint research unit, is affiliated to the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Institute for Political Studies in Grenoble (Sciences Po Grenoble), and Grenoble Alpes University (UGA); It is also linked to the National Foundation for Political Science (FNSP).

This multidisciplinary research center covers four important fields of research in social science :

Public policy : To understand the changing nature of public action, from the various forms of decentralization and territorial division to the new forms of supranational construction and regulation ; To characterize public action according to its new modes of implementation, its new actors, its new instruments and its societal stakes, and notably innovation, the environment and social cohesion.

Political action : To analyze the restructuring of political systems depending on how they are founded and organized ; To understand the structure and the evolution of collective action, its foundations and its social and political impact, notably through the analysis of opinion, values and interest groups.

Organizations : To understand the dynamics of the creation and transformation of organizations, markets, innovation and social concerns ; To analyze the procedures and actors at the center of institutional mediation.

Territories : To study the territorial polarization around the metropolis and the region; investigate «the emerging territoriality » resulting from social, economic and political dynamics ; To analyze the practices and representations of urban life and the evolving sociality.

Using a broad range of social science methods and approaches, Pacte’s researchers aim to characterize the governing regimes of the future.