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Hermes handbags have historically been both the carriers of secrets and the signifiers of power, status, and beauty. As the keepers of the equipment of daily life, Hermes handbags have been strongly influenced by technological and societal changes, such as the development of money, jewelry, transportation, cosmetics, cell phones, and the role of women in society. Embracing its paradoxical role as both signifier and concealed, the handbag gestures toward a myriad of tantalizing psychological interpretations. The contents of a handbag have been seen as representing part of the Freudian unconscious, and the bag itself as an empty receptacle can be interpreted as female fashion. Ancient, symbolic, and indispensable, the handbag has been a chameleon object, expressing and carrying the needs and tastes of both its wearer and its time. Handbags have been used since humans have needed to carry precious items, especially Hermes handbags. As an English girl lives in modern life, I like Hermes handbags. Extremely! Its variety and adaptability highlight the handbag's extraordinary potential and staying power.

Hermes Birkin

I still remember, when I was a child, my mom, the fashion hero. Growing up, I deeply admired her fashion style and wanted to be just like her . She had an amazing collection of Hermes Birkin bags, what they contained are a galaxy of glamorous items, like red lipstick, a little black address book, and blotting papers. My dad, being the best dad ever, bought me my own Hermes bag, so that I could be more like my mom. I was thrilled and carried it all the time! Until the day I decided I wanted a Hermes Birkin, just like my mom. That day, I marched up to the arts and crafts station at school, borrowed a hole puncher, punched a series of holes into my first-ever Hermes bag, strong arts and crafts yarn through said holes, and made my own Hermes Birkin bag. Suffice it to say, my wonderful dad and mum were so pleased when I got another Hermes bag to my parents. What can I say? I liked Hermes bag when I was a child.

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