Bienvenue à Radoslav Dimitrov, professeur invité de ​Western University

Sciences Po Grenoble et le laboratoire Pacte ont le plaisir d'accueillir Radoslav Dimitrov, professeur invité de Western University du 29 janvier au 9 février 2018.


Radoslav Dimitrov is a professor of international relations at Western University, Canada. He is a member of the EU Presidency team and coordinator of EU climate change negotiations. Recently he was asked by the European Commission to help redesign the EU negotiating strategy in climate negotiations. He has participated in UN diplomacy since 1999.   His academic work on climate diplomacy, the formation of international institutions, and the role of ideas, knowledge and norms in world politics is published in journals such as International Studies Quarterly, Global Environmental Politics and International Studies Perspectives, as well as his book Science and International Environmental Policy: Regimes and Nonregimes in Global Governance.

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