Myth making and myth breaking in polish-german heritage after WW II. Local politics into geman heritage in Western and Northern part of Poland.

The conference is an opportunity to present some analysis and interpretations of Polish - German symbolic and social imaginaries together with the question about their impact  on deconstructing  the myth of  the German seen as the eternal enemy of  Poles and Poland. 27 years after  signing the treaty about good neighbourhood and friendly Polish - German cooperation (17  July  1991 in Bonn) the common past is now lively public debate in Poland. What changes in attitudes towards Germans and Germans are identified in contemporary Poland ?
The most important questions are about:
- Post-german artefacts
- Warchitecture
- Deconstruction of the myth of  the “wicked german”
- Regional reference into polish-german past
- Citizens practices of polish-german memory


Anna WACHOWIAK, PhD, is working as professor of sociology at the SGGW in Warsaw, Department of Social Sciences. She is specialised in: sociology of family, methodology of social sciences, gender studies,  social history in gender perspective, oral history, sociology of multicultural perspective.
She is author of: Sociology of family in Poland.  Birth and development. 1995, Contemporary problems of the sociology of family 2001, and as editor: Faces of masculinity and feminity.. 2012, wyd. WSH TWP Szczecin, Home open, home closed… Lessons from borderland, Wydawnictwo  Nauka i Innowacje 2014.



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