PhD scholarship in Science and Technology Studies on quantum engineering theory and technologies

The Grenoble Alpes University invites outstanding candidates to apply for its three-year interdisciplinary PhD program "Quantum Engineering Grenoble" (QuEnG).

The QuEnG doctoral programme aims to foster a pluridisciplinary ecosystem for quantum technologies. The laureates will pursue high-level research at the interface between physics, mathematics, computer sciences, social sciences, humanities, or with industrial coaching.


A scholarship will be allocated to a PhD project in Science and Technology Studies, centered on the emergence of socio-technical trajectories in quantum theory and technologies.

The aim of this PhD project is to analyze the assemblages of practices, collaboration networks and expectations through which scientists and engineers involved in the QuEnG consortium envision, prepare and enact the sociotechnical trajectories of quantum engineering. The PhD candidate will have the unique opportunity to follow technological trajectories in the making by observing groups involved in the consortium and interacting with them.  


Possible lines of inquiry for the PhD project include:

(1) Interdisciplinarity. Quantum theory and engineering is highly interdisciplinary: how do socio-technical trajectories emerge from and evolve under interdisciplinary collaboration between physics and computer sciences as well as between physics and mathematics?

(2) Innovation pathways. The second Quantum revolution relies on tight collaboration between academic and industrial partners. How does collaboration unfold as quantum technologies become more mature?

(3) Stakeholders’ engagement. The “second quantum revolution” holds many technological promises. How do scientists and engineers associate scientific and industrial expectations with broader societal ones? Do these emerging technologies call for rethinking issues of scientific responsibility, upstream engagement in science as well as anticipatory governance of science and technology?


Thesis information

Research group:



• From 1769 euros/month (without teaching) to 2100 euros/month (with teaching) before taxes

• Research grants ranging from 5 k€ to 40 k€


The applicants

They have to meet the following main criteria :

  • Outstanding or excellent Master’s degree or equivalent qualification
  • Being highly proficient in spoken and written English
  • Capacity or good previous knowledge in the Sociology of Science
  • Outstanding references


Applications may be submitted in English or in French


Submission deadline: October 5, 11:59 am (Paris time).

Starting date for the scholarship: January, 1st.

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Contact : 
Séverine Louvel
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