Public Policy Transfer - Micro-Dynamics and Macro-Effects

Intervenante : Magdaléna Hadjiisky , maîtresse de conférences en science politique à l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg

Elle a co-dirigé avec Leslie A. Pal et Christopher Walker l'ouvrage Public Policy Transfer.Micro-Dynamics and Macro-Effects. (New Horizons in Public Policy series, 2017)

Voici la synthèse de l'ouvrage :
Public Policy Transfer highlights how local adaptations and innovations contribute to ongoing policy development, as domestic policy-making activity becomes increasingly engaged with global networks. This work draws together various disciplinary perspectives that dominate the study of policy transfer, which have otherwise remained separate and distinct.

This is the first book to analyze comparatively the micro-dynamics of transfer across regions, contrasting policy fields and multiple levels of governance. With authors from a wide range of disciplines such as law, development and policy studies, and various cases from Europe, Africa, Australia and South America, this book breaks new ground both theoretically and empirically. Unique to this work are the case studies examining policy transfer across countries within the Global North and Global South. This yields in-depth exploration of challenges and characteristics of transfer across emerging economies. Rooted in original research by policy specialists, this book provides fresh and arresting insights into the micro-dynamics as well as the macro-effects of policy transfer.

Offering the richest comparative analysis of policy transfer to date, this book has global appeal to academics and students of public policy. The diverse range of case studies will make this book invaluable to policy practitioners and public officials.

Contributors include: R. Coman, L. Delcour, T. Delpeuch, I. Erdinç, M. Hadjiisky, C. Mavrot, C. Milhorance, L.A. Pal, O. Porto de Oliveira, M. Vassileva, C. Visier, C. Vigour, C. Walker, F. Zardo,  D Dolowitz

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Thierry Delpeuch
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