The Inbetweeners. EU Citizenship and the Problematic Boundaries of the Demos

Intervenante : Eva-Marie Schäfferle, doctorante à Pacte


The recent debates around the so-called ‘Boundary Problem in Democratic Theory’ have drawn new attention to the wrongful exclusions of resident non-citizens: Although subject to the law of their host state, they have no say in its making. A useful source of inspiration on how to correct this asymmetry between rule-makers and rule-takers can be found in Union citizenship. As first political status in-between nationality and foreignness it strengthens not only the legal protections of inner-European migrants but also renders these protections more robust by granting all European citizens – via their participation in European decision-making – influence upon the rights they enjoy in another member state. In order to overcome the problematic distinction between European and non-European migrants, two reforms are discussed: A transfer of the European model to the global level and an opening of EU citizenship to non-European immigrants permanently residing within the EU.

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Simon Persico
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