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Energy Policy, Elsevier, Volume 78, p.281-291 (2015)



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This paper is interested in sustainable energy initiatives in French rural areas. It follows up the UK debate about ‘localism’. UK policy localism has been cast as neoliberal, framing communities as competent and competitive actors, morally responsible and accountable for their destiny.In France, the emerging policy localism is surfing on an ongoing political structuration of innovative rural territories – ‘Positive Energie Territories’ (TEPOS). The paper presents and discusses the results of a rough census (undertaken in 2012) of significant experiences in this domain. It points to a few experiences and depicts them as risky, trial-and-error transcalar processes that endow locally emergent energy issues with a political dimension. To this extent, they amount to a different way of doing energy policy.The analysis points to an ambiguity in French policy localism. This localism may pave the way for an upscaling of the ongoing TEPOS political structuration, or tend to make TEPOS into demonstration territories within a neoliberal RTD policy approach. In the latter case, it may not necessarily fit territories to pursue their political structuration with a view to the energy transition.


This work was carried out with the financial support of the French Agency for the Environment and the Energy (ADEME) (Programme: ‘Mettre l’innovation sur la trajectoire du facteur 4’, Convention 11 10C 0079) and of the French National Research Agency (ANR, programme sociétés innovantes, convention 2011-SOIN-003-01, projet COLLENER).Humanities and Social SciencesHumanities and Social Sciences/SociologyHumanities and Social Sciences/GeographyJournal articles

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