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Economics and Business, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Volume IX, Ticket 4, p.43-66 (2018)



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As macroeconomic stabilisation and structural adjustment policies haven't been particularly successful, it becomes increasingly necessary to consider extra economic parameters' role in the growth process. ln this context, the concept governance (with all that it recovers as balance powers, rational management of resources, transparency of rules, involvement of civil society, etc.) has become indistinguishably tied to the development analysis of the developing countries. Closely related to that of institutions, this notion of governance is a polysemous one. But in spite of its polysemy, the concept of governance is currently the core question of contradictory debates about the use made by the international financial organizations of the ideaof ,"good governance". The purpose of this paper is to assimilate and contrast the necessity of "good governance" as a prerequisite for growth and development for developing countries and to study the possibilities of economic convergence at the international level (i.e. the catching up problematics of the industrialized countries by developing ones) based on the influence of socio-political variables on local governance.


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