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Ancillary Benefits of Climate Policy, Springer, Cham (switzerland), p.325-345 (2020)



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Mobility is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, urban air pollution is a major public health issue in both North and South countries. This project aims to show the synergies between short-term public health issues related to pollution and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. MobilAir, in a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach, aims to identify specific measures to significantly reduce urban air pollution and its impacts. Building on the multidisciplinary richness of the Grenoble campus, MobilAir will develop an integrated approach in the Grenoble urban area, a relevant pilot area. MobilAir aims to develop methods and tools that can be replicated in other cities in France or abroad. Specifically, MobilAir has three main objectives: (1) A better comprehension of the population’s exposure to pollution; (2) A detailed understanding of the determinants of mobility behaviour and (3) Support for public decision-making.


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