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Public Policy and Administration, SAGE Publications (2019)



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To date there have been a number of studies that have examined how policies move from one jurisdiction to another. However, few of these have examined the micro- interactive effects of actors, necessary to understand how actors shape outcomes over time. The aim of this paper is to engage with this micro-level literature through an empirical study of policy transfer in the field of architectural norms in hospital construction in post-soviet states. To do this we generate several theoretical assumptions that will link the transfer literature to wider debates in the governance framework. The goal will be to discover how the power of actors interacts in the policymaking processes to influence outcomes over time and in light of learning. What we hope to do is bring the interactive and dynamic effects that occur between agents attempting to shape the transfer process back into the transfer picture. The aim is to show that power flows over time and that these flows alter the shape and outcome of the transfer process.


Humanities and Social Sciences/Political scienceJournal articles

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