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Landscape Research, Taylor & Francis (Routledge), Volume 40, Ticket 1, p.- (2013)



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codes estéthiques


In 2003 wind power arrived massively in the Beauce (at the outskirts of the Parisian basin). This article follows the evolving practice of landscape planning over the course of wind power development in this region of France. Our analysis suggests that landscape is regulated through practices, discourses and aesthetic codes, which define what is important about landscape and attempt to protect it. It shows that wind power not only affects existing landscapes, but also challenges the working of these underlying practices and discourses, triggering the emergence of new codes. By calling for a renewal in the way in which we regulate and experience our landscapes, wind power enables us better to understand the way in which the energy transition might raise issues about landscape protection.


The author would like to thank the French Ministry for the Environment (MEDDAD - Program PDD 'Paysage et Développement Durable'), the Conseil Français de l'Energie, the French Agency for the Environment and the Energy (ADEME) (Convention 07 10 C 0019), the Region Ile-de-France and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS - Programme Interdisciplinaire pour l'Energie) and the French ANR (Collener, 2011 SOIN 003 01) for their financial support of this research.Humanities and Social Sciences/GeographyHumanities and Social Sciences/SociologyJournal articles

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