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Renewable Energies and European Landscapes. Lessons from Southern European Cases, Springer (2015)



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In 2000, at the dawn of the adoption of the EU Directive on renewable energy, a green-red alliance opened a political window for the emergence of a genuine wind power policy in France. Yet today, after more than 10 years of one of the highest feed-in tariffs in the world, the installed capacity in France is still low. Wind power, if it is to be developed at any significant level, has to fight against the centralization of both French energy policy and landscape protection. In this context, the landscape processes, which take place when wind power is either planned or sited at the local level through open governance, are places and occasions for institutional and social innovation that contribute to building decentralization. This chapter examines the ways in which wind power development has raised tensions over the centralization of both energy and landscape policy in France.


This work was undertaken thanks to the financial support of the ‘Conseil Français de l’Energie”, the French Ministry for the Environment (MEDAD – Program PDD ‘Paysage et Développement Durable’), the French Agency for the Environment and the Energy (ADEME, convention n° 07 10 C 0019), the Region Ile-de-France (R2DS) and the Energy Interdisciplinary Program of the CNRS.Humanities and Social Sciences/SociologyHumanities and Social Sciences/GeographyBook sections

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