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Institutional membership: 
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
methodological support
Engineer (f)
Research areas: 
Base de données
Développement informatique
Quantitative methods
1030 rue des Résidences 38400 ST MDH



After taking a Master’s degree in Data Engineering for Social Science and Economics (Idesse) Annette Casagrande was recruited by CNRS as a statistician, joining the team at the Centre for Management Studies and Research (Cerag) in 2007. Here she took part in various projects, in particular analysing quantitative-survey data and publicizing the results on websites. She also completed a PhD in computer science and mathematics in 2012, with a thesis proposing a way of measuring the proximity between texts. She spent a year as a post-doc intern at the Applied Research in Computational Linguistics laboratory at Montreal University (UdM). She took part in the Butterfly Predictive Project on using social media for e-recruitment, which entailed work on natural language processing, in particular machine-learning techniques to automatically identify the business sector of a job offer, and content analysis of profiles on business social network sites. She joined the Ariane team of methods engineers at Pacte in June 2017.