Chloe Berut

PhD candidate in political science
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Sciences Po Grenoble
PhD Candidate (f)
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European Union
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I am a PhD candidate in political science since 2015. I was able to start my PhD straight after a Master's degree in European Governance at Science Po Grenoble. This PhD thesis is an opportunity for me to study two areas that I find particularly interesting : European Union studies and health policies and politics.

The EU and healthcare: a paradoxical influence on a national competence. The case of eHealth policies in France, Austria and Ireland
October, 2015

The aim of my PhD thesis is to better understand how and why domestic policies become more and more europeanised. More precisely, the question is to identify through which mechanisms the EU is able to affect national eHealth policies in France, Austria and Ireland. EHealth policies refer to a specific healthcare organisation, in which Information and Communication Technologies are incorporated : Electronic Health Records, e-Prescriptions, telemedicine, etc. Since the 1990's, the European Union actively promotes the use of these technologies and the adoption of "eHealth strategies" by member states . Without any formal competence in the healthcare area, the European Commission has no choice but to produce soft incentives, mainly by making available institutionnal, political and financial resources to national actors. The aim of this thesis is to understand how these European instruments affect the domestic policy-making in eHealth. We will therefore use a bottom-up approach, with an anlysis of European resources "usages" by national actors.