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Institutional membership: 
Université Grenoble Alpes
Assistant Professor (f)
Research areas: 
Political geography
Social geography
Research team: 
Cité des Territoires 14 av. M. Reynoard 38100 GRENOBLE



After completing a PhD in 2013 I did post-doc research at Amsterdam University. In 2014-2017 I also worked as a project leader for the Swiss non-government organization Vivre Ensemble (, which provides information and documentation on the right of asylum.

My PhD research focused on the regional institutionalization processes, taking the Alps as a case study. My thesis, published by Peter Lang in 2016, straddles the middle ground between political and cultural geography.

Since 2012 I have focused on the geographical, political and social issues relating to migration and borders. My research has also addressed media treatment of migratory issues and accommodation policy for asylum seekers in Switzerland.

In 2007-2016 I worked at the Geography and Environment Department of Geneva University, Switzerland: in 2007-2013 as a teaching and research assistant, then as a lecturer (2015-2016) and finally as a scientific collaborator, tasked with organizing a symposium on migration and asylum at Geneva University, in October 2016.

More recently, my research has focused on the challenges of crossing the Alpine borders by exiled people and their reception in mountain communities. I am developing this last theme, particularly within the POPSU research project.

Click here to consult my publications (up to August 2017).