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Institutional membership: 
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
CNRS Researcher (f)
Research areas: 
Sociologie de l'action publique
Research team: 
1030 rue des Résidences 38400 ST MDH



I am a CNRS researcher in political science at Pacte, Sciences-Po Grenoble. My research work straddles sociology of law and policy analysis, with a particular interest in the genesis, institutionalization and uses of expertise and socio-technical systems in policy on justice, law and order. After writing a book on judicial expertise, I turned to analysis of CCTV, electronic monitoring and court hearings videoconferencing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceCEwoXLjEY

I have also worked on relations between the law, the judiciary and politics, in particular on the judicialization of politics - in partnership with Jacques Commaille.

I am currently preparing an habilitation thesis (accreditation to supervise research) which is focused on the question of judgement and algorithms. Since 2019, I have been conducting a research project on algorithmic devices for processing and analysing case law decisions, often referred to as "predictive justice". This research is funded by the Algorithmic society chair. This Chair is one of the research chairs of the University Grenoble Alpes MIAI (Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence). 

I am a member of the JUSTI-REP project led by Cécile Vigour and funded by the GIP Mission de recherche Droit et justice and ELIPSS.

Laurence Dumoulin, Cécile Vigour, ‘On a soif d’idéal !’ Des attentes à la hauteur des critiques des citoyens. Un éclairage à partir d’entretiens collectifs, in : Amrani-Mekki Soraya (dir.). Et si on parlait du justiciable du XXIe siècle ?, Dalloz, coll. Thèmes & commentaires, 2019, pp.29-81.

My work has been published in several books and a large number of articles in French and international peer-reviewed journals: L’Année sociologique (2009); British Journal of Criminology (2011); Champ Pénal/Penal Field (2010); Critique Internationale (2010); Déviance & Société (2013); Droit et Société (2010, 2005, 2000);  Droit et Cultures (2011); Ethnographiques.org (2013); Journal of Electronic Communication (2013); Les Cahiers de la Justice (2011); Policy & Internet (2016); Quaderni (2011); Research on Language and Social Interaction (2010); Réseaux (2007); Revista de Ciencias Sociales (2017); Surveillance & society (2013).
I have also authored with Thierry Delpeuch and Claire de Galembert a handbook, Sociologie du Droit et de la Justice (Armand Colin, 2014).

Lastly I am the co-editor of the French journal Droit et Société http://ds.hypotheses.org/category/revue-droit-et-societe with Professor Pierre Brunet (University Paris 1-Sorbonne).