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Sciences Po Grenoble
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Marieke Louis is a member of Pacte and lectures in political science at Sciences Po Grenoble. With a PhD in political science, at Sciences Po Paris (Ceri) and an agrégation in economics and social science, she is also a research associate at Ceri and joint editor of La Vie des Idées, a journal published by the Collège de France.
In the course of her education she studied at Heidelberg University (2007) and the London School of Economics (2012).
Her research focuses on international organizations, in particular the International Labour Organization, political and trade-union representation, and international labour and employers’ federations. Her perspective is socio-historical. She is currently doing research on global employers’ federations (International Organization of Employers and International Chamber of Commerce) and the part they play in regulating globalization.
In 2013-16 she was one of the joint coordinators of a research seminar on International Organizations and Multilateralism, initially as part of the research group on multilateral action at the French Political Science Association (Gram-Afsap), then in the Sociology of Diplomatic Practice at Ceri, alongside Guillaume Devin. Meanwhile she has also taught political science at Sciences Po Paris and Strasbourg, and at Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University, Paris VIII-Vincennes/Saint-Denis University and Paris X-Nanterre University.