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Université Grenoble Alpes
Research associate (f)
Non permanent.e
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Town planning
Urban sociology
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An architect and geographer by training, I took a PhD in Development and Planning at Paris-Nanterre University in 2016, jointly supervised by Naples-Federico II University. In my thesis I questioned the discursive practices of domination and exclusion in globalization-led urban production, by studying micro-local practices for occupying housing and urban space, and the process of constructing and manipulating a condition of metropolitan subalternity.

My interdisciplinary stance combines an approach to the city specific to architecture and planning, with a socio-anthropological viewpoint. This hybrid yet complete methodology is key to my research work, in which architectural and urban observation and analysis (lived surveys, mapping, sensory observation of spaces and practices) link up with the survey methods of qualitative ethnography (semi-directive interviews, commented walks, life narratives).

Currently involved in post-doc work, as part of the Idex Eco-SESA research programme, I am studying practices in managing, maintaining and using business premises, the aim being to understand what allowance is made for energy-efficiency issues with regard to skills, organization and interaction between operators, administrators and occupants.

« Mériter » la ville globalisée : la production des espaces urbains en centre-ville, entre discours et pratiques micro-locales. Naples et Le Caire