Michael Fernandez

PhD Student
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Université Grenoble Alpes
PhD Candidate (m)
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Research areas: 
Economic Sociology
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Graduated in September 2018 from Lyon's Political Institute in "Contemporary International Relation" and from Lyon's Ecole Normale Superieure with the research master degree "Contemporary Oriental Asia", I specialized about Japan's energy policies, especially about its hydrogen program. In 2018, I joined the laboratory Pacte where I started a PhD thesis in economic sociology.

Change of scale in hydrogen diffusion: French hot topic, Japanese experience. A neo-institutionnalist discursive analysis
October, 2018 to January, 2022
External supervisor(s): 
Mathieu BRUGIDOU (co-director)

Funded by French Environment and Energy Management Agency and jointly funded by Edf (French Electricity Company), this thesis consists to study role of future scenarios in hydrogen's valuation process. Main goal is to understand how supporters of this energy vector themseves organize, build common argumentations and retranscribe these elements within future scenario. Then, interest of this project is to analyze in what extend a scenario can have a performative power on public policies, and also on actors' beliefs and behaviors.With this in mind, we plan to study networks of the arguments used by actors. Finally, we would like to map of arguments actors use for advocating or limiting hydrogen's diffusion in different systems (energy, mobility ones) and associated applications (fuel cell vehicles, stationnary fuel cell...).

Key words : energy policies, hydrogen, fuel cell, France, Japan, economic sociology, actors coalition, networks analysis