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Université Grenoble Alpes
Assistant Professor (f)
Professor (teaching and research) (f)
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1281 avenue centrale 38400 ST MDH



I work as an assistant professor in Geography at the University Grenoble Alpes and PACTE laboratory in Grenoble. My research deals with contemporary conditions of exile ; I'm questionning the modes of governmentality produced by the neoliberal Nation-States. What does it mean to think about and act on these modes of governmentality from inside a university and from inside instituted disciplines such as geography? Geography has long served – and still serves – to legitimate Nation-States and naturalize the notions of territory and border. In this context, I am inspired by the many authors whose works contribute to critically rethink the epistemologies and practices of this disciplin and the classifications of scientific disciplines.
In particular I study and co-elaborate artivist practices – derived from social science, art, activism, feminism –. Among such practices I am co-experiencing :
- counter-mapping (;
- writing cooperative protocols. 

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