Kick-Off Workshop : The Social Production of Space and Age (SPAGE)

Kick-Off Workshop : The Social Production of Space and Age (SPAGE)

How theories of space enrich age(ing) studies and how, in turn, the analyses of ageing and space can contribute to the social sciences at large, have been approached from different angles in France and Germany. Founded by both the French and the German Research Agencies ANR and DFG, the SPAGE project conducts a systematic theoretical comparison of the interplay between age, space, and social exclusion in France and Germany, resulting in a comprehensive theoretical framework.


At the SPAGE Kick-off workshop, an interdisciplinary group of experts from France and Germany will discuss with the members of the SPAGE team and the Advisory Board.


We are pleased to welcome:

  • Maurice Blanc, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Strasbourg (FR)
  • Jean-Philippe Viriot Durandal, Professor of Sociology, University of Lorraine, Member of the Advisory Board (FR)
  • Hans Peter Hahn, Professor for Cultural Anthropology, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main (DE)
  • Frank Oswald, Professor for Interdisciplinary Ageing Studies, Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main, Member of the Advisory Board (DE)
  • Christian Pihet, Professor of Social Geography, University of Angers (FR)
  • Thierry Ramadier, Psychologist, Director of research at CNRS, University of Strasbourg (FR)
  • Marc Redepenning, Professor of Cultural Geography, University of Bamberg (DE)
  • Hans Werner Wahl,  Senior professor of Psychology, University of Heidelberg, Member of the Advisory Board (DE)

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