Mariame Bodian defend her thesis

Thesis topic : Power challenges and links to the country of origin among diola immigrants associations in France


Summary : This thesis deals with the diola migrations and the evolutions of their identities when they meet other groups by moving.
The diola immigration, few studied, is considered in this thesis through the unformal associations or the legal associations ruled by the law of 1901 legitimated by French local authorities. These communities are the ideal place to analyze the challenges of power among people who have been ruled by other kinds of power. The links with the country of origin are questioned out of the migratory trajects and the stories, the policies and the identifications of these immigrants and their descents are also studied.
The power challenges and the interactions between the immigrants and their relatives living in the country of origin will be analyzed through the migrations and the bilateral cooperations. The political and economic context is an important factor in this research.


Jury :
Madame Ewa Bogalska Martin
Professeur de sociologie, université de Grenoble Alpes (Présidente)
Monsieur Christophe Daum
Maître de conférences HDR en sociologie, université de Rouen, (Examinateur)
Madame Odile Journet-Diallo
Directrice d’études, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Rapporteur)
Monsieur Mahamet Timera
Professeur de sociologie, Université de Paris VII Denis Diderot (Rapporteur)

Researchers involved: