Des chercheurs de Pacte analysent l’enquête du Défenseur des droits sur l’accès aux droits

Pacte researchers analyse the investigation from le Défenseur des droits into access to rights

The Défenseur de droits has published the first volume of the book Inégalités d'accès aux droits et discriminations en France, published by La Documentation Française. In this book, ten researchers, including three Pacte members, examined the results of the survey on access to rights conducted in 2016.


Philipe Warin and Benjamin Vial, from the Observatoire des non recours aux droits et services (Odenore), focused on isolated or precarious people and young people, while Héléna Révil looked at the consequences of the dematerialization of public services on people without Internet access.


The press release associated with this book can be consulted as an attached file.

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Researchers involved: 

Philippe Warin
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