Solidarité avec les chercheur.e.s d’Ukraine

Solidarity with researchers in Ukraine

In connection with the GDR "Empire russe, URSS, monde postsoviétique" , PACTE expresses its deep solidarity with the researchers and students, and with the whole Ukrainian society, victims of the Russian military intervention.


The entry of Russian armed forces and the bombing of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022 , constitute a historical tragedy that echoes the tragedies of the past. No one knows when and how this war will end, but we already know its cost for peace in Europe and in the post-Soviet space. Faced with the bellicose use of history and the stifling of political pluralism, researchers must more than ever raise their voices to refuse the unfounded instrumentalization of history and memory and to assert critical reason.


The laboratory will continue to speak out against armed violence and the denial of the crimes of the past. It will also support the independent and courageous voices that are trying to be heard in Russia and in the region.


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