Local governance of the police in prefectural systems: a comparative analysis of France and Turkey

Un séminaire Jeune recherche de l'équipe Gouvernance.

Présentation : Gizemnur Özdinç

Chercheure invitée : Claire Dupuy

This thesis aims at contributing in police governance and management studies by comparing local governance and management of the national police in two centralised countries: France and Turkey. Unlike Common Law and Northern European countries that the policing academia has long been studying the aspects of local governance of security, in France and Turkey the State appoints a Governor to manage delivery and quality of public services, including safety and security. Therefore, this study fits in the niche by analysing organisational control and subordination relations between hierarchical levels in the provincial polices of Isere Department, France, and Trabzon Province, Turkey. The organisational relations as determinants of police management are subject to methods of ethnography supplemented by interviews with relevant actors. Albeit differences in degree, relations between officers, police managers and the governorate show strong similarities in two cases regarding key role of informal as well as formal forms of control and a harmony despite conflict.

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Chloé Bérut
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