Deserving the global city: metropolitan orientalism, from dominant narratives to urban production

This lecture will explore the articulation between discursive constructions related to a subalternization of groups internal to society and the production of contemporary metropolises (global city). In the process of hegemonic globalised urban planning, the dominant groups use popular practices as an argument of delegitimization of the poor. I will analyse this urban version of an orientalist type of domination, then confront this global discourse with the practices and appropriations "from below" of subaltern groups.


Marta Pappalardo is an Architect (and PhD) in Urban Planning, currently postdoctoral researcher in the Idex Eco-SESA programme at Université Grenoble Alpes (UMR 5194 Pacte). Her research work, between Europe and Africa, focuses on four major issues: user practices in spaces; globalization in urban planning; urban mobilizations; provincializing of urban thinking.

Séminaire organisé par le M2 International Cooperation in Urban Planning

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Federica Gatta
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