Welcome to Prof. Tom van der Meer, visiting professor from University of Amsterdam

Tom van der Meer is professor (hoogleraar) in Political Science, in particular Legitimacy, Inequality and Citizenship at the University of Amsterdam. He specializes in political trust, electoral behaviour, (ethnic diversity and) social capital, and research methods.

He is co-director of the Dutch Parliamentary Election Study and the Dutch Local Election Study (since 2015). Van der Meer has published in a wide variety of national and international journals and edited volumes on themes such as political trust, electoral volatility, social capital, citizen participation, and quantitative research methods (see publications). He is co-editor of the Handbook on Political Trust (with Sonja Zmerli) that was published in 2017 by Edward Elgar Publishing.

He's invited by Pacte social sciences research centre from 5 to 9th February 2018.

Researchers involved: 

Tom van der Meer