Methodological and ethical aspects of career data collection on LinkedIn : the case of journalists

Intervenants : Gilles Bastin, professeur à Sciences Po Grenoble / Pacte et Sophie Kuegler, ingénieure Big Data à Pacte


Séance proposée dans le cadre des activités de séminaire du WP4 « Science des données, sciences sociales et media sociaux » du Grenoble Data Institute.


The research that will be presented during this seminar aims to provide new data and new analytical frameworks to understand the career adjustments in social worlds governed by flexible labor markets. The journalists’ labor market is particularly interesting to this project because journalists suffer from a high (and increasing) level of job uncertainty in most societies. This research draws on the collection, coding and analysis of very large volumes of data collected on public profiles of journalists and former journalists on the social and professional network LinkedIn. We will present the most salient methodological and ethical issues that such a research raises.


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Researchers involved: 

Stéphanie Abrial