Ariane - methods and project engineering

In the current context of research in the social sciences, our relation to method and methodological expertise is essential when presenting our laboratories research work.


Ariane, a support group for social science methodology

The Ariane team of social and human-science engineers was set up in 2009 to provide methodological support for Pacte researchers. Since then the group has mapped out paths to give budding research a solid grounding in methods.
Ariane assists Pacte teams horizontally, tasked with a common mission to formalize, pool and monitor methodological processes (intelligence, design, production, processing and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data) in order meet researchers’ needs regarding methodological choices, techniques and feasibility.
The group comprises eight engineers, bringing together a wide range of specific, yet complementary skills:

  • Stéphanie Abrial (CNRS research engineer): design of surveys and questionnaires, qualitative data, discourse analysis, computer-assisted qualitative data analysis, training and teaching;
  • Isabelle André-Poyaud (CNRS research engineer): qualitative data analysis, topical mapping, survey design;
  • Sandrine Astor (Sciences Po Grenoble study engineer): survey engineering, analysis of multidimensional data, modelling;
  • Anne-Marie Benoit (CNRS research engineer): legal and ethical framework for data and surveys, data management planning, secondary processing, intellectual property;
  • Annette Casagrande (CNRS study engineer): quantitative data analysis, databases and computer development;
  • Estelle Ployon (CNRS study engineer): geomatics, 2D and 3D geographic information systems, photogrammetry and imaging;
  • Nicolas Robinet (Artificial Intelligence Institute-Grenoble-Alpes University): geomatics, GIS

For further information, see the Ariane page on the Pacte intranet.



Ariane's activities:

  • Advice and support in preparation for projects in which methodology plays a key role;
  • Implementing and monitoring projects with regard to collecting, producing, processing and analysing quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Direct support on methodology for PhD students;
  • Support in managing research data;
  • Training on methods and tools;
  • Involvement in professional and scientific networks.



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