Assessment of bikeability in the Grenoble metropolitan area

In metropolitan contexts with environmental and public health issues (urban climate and air quality, mobility, physical health and well-being), public policies at various levels: national and local, are tending in particular towards a modal shift from the car to more active modes (walking and cycling). However, the modal share of cycling and its evolution over time still fall short of expectations. The research focuses on bikeability, i.e. the accessibility of urban spaces for cycling.

The main objective of this project is to evaluate bikeability on two scales: a fine spatial and temporal scale, close to individuals, and on the scale of the territory of Grenoble area. It aims to estimate the potential for modal shift towards cycling and to guide people who are ready to travel by bike, and to help local decision-makers to improve bikeability in the Grenoble area.

Participant.e.s du laboratoire: 

Sarah Duché, Kamila Tabaka, Sonia Chardonnel

Project funding: 
Financement IDEX IRS (ANR-15-IDEX-02)
Type de projet: 
IDEX Autres

About the project leader :

duches's picture Sarah Duche

Maîtresse de conférence en géograhie, je travaille sur la question de la pollution de l’air avec une approche centrée sur l’individu dans son environnement spatial et ses trajectoires temporelles... plus