Geothermal - heat storage / cooling in basements

Study of the conditions for a sustainable development of new energy technologies

Study of the conditions for a sustainable development of new energy technologies

This project proposes to learn about an emerging field, that of geothermal energy and its growing coupling with cold/heat storage facilities in the basements, in order to help identify its current developments, challenges and bottlenecks. Through case studies (France, Europe) and a comparative analysis of national policies and project processes, the study aims to propose a reference framework for the sustainable development of geothermal / heat storage / cooling projects. It also takes up the sensitive issue of social acceptability - too often captured'downstream' of technology development - to offer a formulation that questions'upstream' the conditions for the sustainable development of a new energy technology.

The energy groups of the ANCRE and ATHENA Alliances have been developing increasing interactions over the past three years to share their research agendas and identify common study topics for the social, economic and engineering sciences. ANCHOR : National Research Coordination Alliance for Energy (; ATHENA: National Alliance for Human and Social Sciences ( Since 2009, the Alliances have aimed to bring together the main public research institutions in order to coordinate research priorities in collaboration with the Ministry of Research.

Olivier Labussière
Participant.e.s du laboratoire: 

Julien Merlin est post-doctorant en charge de la conduite de ce projet.

External participants: 

Florence Delprat-Jannaud (IFPEN), Sylvie Gentier (BRGM), Elisabeth Le Net (CEA-ITESE), Alain Nadaï (CIRED, co-coordinateur du post-doc)

Project funding: 
Alliance ANCRE, ANR

About the project leader :

labussio's picture Olivier Labussière

Olivier Labussière est chargé de recherche au CNRS, rattaché au laboratoire Pacte à Grenoble. Il est membre de l’équipe Environnements.


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