Great Climate Movement Survey

Socio-political survey on the climate movement broadcast on social networks

The "Great Climate Movement Survey" is a socio-political survey that questions the profile and opinions of citizens interested in the environmental cause. The questionnaire survey was fielded in winter 2020 and spring 2021 on social networks with the help of partners who are actors of the climate movement, who shared the questionnaire with their online followers. It is intended to better understand the sociology, behaviors, value systems, and political opinions of people who gravitate in this space to a greater or lesser extent.

The questionnaire includes several modules: socio-demographic characteristics, environmental practices, the image of the climate movement, political values and attitudes, and a focus on environmental values and expectations in relation to the economy, democracy, technology, social issues, etc.

The data should make it possible to draw up a portrait of citizens politicized on the environmental issue and to compare this particular group to that of the French population, thanks to common questions already asked in the general population. They should also make it possible to evaluate the diversity of profiles within the climate movement. On the one hand, it will be possible to compare the profiles according to criteria such as the degree of commitment, age, or declared political orientation. On the other hand, it will be possible to establish typologies of value systems, which can be discussed in relation to existing currents in environmental political theory.

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alexachl's picture Chloe Alexandre

PhD candidate since October 2016.

Under the supervision of F. Gonthier. This research project received funding from the ComUE Grenoble Alpes (Doctoral grant AGIR).

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