TAAFE : Towards an Alpine Age - Friendly Environment

The TAAFE project (Towards an Alpine Age-Friendly Environment) is part of the context of ageing populations in Europe. It aims to support a cross-cutting approach to this issue by using participatory methods including seniors in 6 pilot sites in the Alpine Space. In France, the pilot site is the city of Marseille. The University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA), together with the Institute of Gerontology and Intergenerational Relations Anton Trtsenjak (IAT) in Ljubjana, is developing the TAAFE model for all partners. Inspired by the work of the World Health Organization (WHO) in favor of "Age-Friendly Cities and Communities", the UGA is adapting it to the Alpine context by forming and raising awareness in each pilot site of a "Trio" composed of a methodological facilitator, a representative of the municipality or a social organization and, a strong originality of the project, at least one senior to carry the diversity of their voices. Each Trio will have the opportunity to better take into account the point of view of seniors in order to, in the medium term, propose more welcoming services and territories throughout life. Thanks to the mobilization of the "Francophone Network of Age-Friendly Cities", the regional experiment conducted by the Pôle Services à la Personne PACA (PSPPACA) in Marseille will also have national echoes.


Total budget: EUR 2 168 317

ERDF contribution: EUR 1,623,251

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About the project leader :

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Until now my work has focused on the social construction of ageing, at the meeting point between knowledge and public policies. My thesis explored outplacement of unemployed older adults (... plus