Yellow Vest Survey (YVS)

Political survey on the participants of the yellow vest movement

The "Yellow Vest Survey" (YVS) is a socio-political survey on the yellow vest movement aimed at better understanding the sociology, behaviours, value systems and political opinions of people involved in this social movement. Taking advantage of the dynamics of the movement on social networks, the survey questionnaire has been circulated since December 2018 to local yellow vest Facebook groups.

The questionnaire thus includes several modules (socio-demographic characteristics, image of the movement, precariousness, relationship to democracy, political attitudes, values, conjoint experiment, etc.) intended to cover all the factors likely to explain and portraying the mobilization of yellow vests, but also to allow the comparison of the results obtained with those of other post-election or comparative surveys conducted on the entire French population.

The first results of this survey have been published in Le Monde (January 27 2019).

Check out our first academic publication about the survey in the international journal Populism.

Read our post about this publication on the EUROPP blog of the LSE.

First anniversary of France's Yellow Vest movement: an English interview of our team is available on France 24 website.

To contact the persons in charge of the survey, please email us through enquete-giletsjaunes[ at ]



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