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The Scenes of Independent Cinema in North-East Paris. Interventions Economiques : Papers in Political Economy (2020). doi:10.4000/interventionseconomiques.7132

Entre fabrique d'espace public et émergence de l'individu métropolitain, la transformation du quai de Rabat (Maroc). revue Urbanités Villes méditerranéennes : regards sur les espaces ouverts métropolitains, (2020).

A mundane infrastructure of energy poverty: The informal trading of second-hand car batteries in Madagascar. Journal of Material Culture 135918351989504 (2020). doi:10.1177/1359183519895048

What's in a name? The three genealogies of the social in social epigenetics. Social Science Information 053901841989700 (2020). doi:10.1177/0539018419897001