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Supporting Research

Ariane, methodological support group for the social sciences

Since 2009, a team of SHS engineers has formally structured methodological support for Pacte researchers through the Ariane group. Past or present, Ariane illustrates the journey through a maze from which we emerge enriched to launch ourselves into the space of methods.

Ariane works across the Pacte teams, with a shared mission of formalizing, pooling and monitoring methodological processes (monitoring, design, production, processing and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data) to meet researchers' needs in terms of methodological choices, techniques and feasibility.

This group of engineers brings together a diversity of specific and complementary skills:

  • Stéphanie Abrial (IR-CNRS) : survey design, questionnaires, qualitative data, discourse analysis, CAQDAS, training and education
  • Isabelle André-Poyaud (IR-CNRS) : quantitative data analysis, thematic mapping, survey design
  • Sandrine Astor (IE-IEPG) : survey engineering, quantitative data analysis, major international social surveys
  • Pierre Chiron (IE-CNRS) : qualitative methods, thematic analysis (CAQDAS), textual analysis (ADAO), programming (R)
  • Patrick Juen (IR-CNRS) : scientific information
  • Estelle Ployon (IE-CNRS) : géomatic, SIG 2D-3D, photogrammetry andimagery
  • Nicolas Robinet (IE-UGA) : géomatc, SIG


To lear more, see the dedicated page on the Pacte Intranet (members only)

  • Advice and support in setting up projects with a strong methodological component
  • Implementation and monitoring of projects involving the collection, production, processing and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Direct methodological support for doctoral students
  • Support for research data management
  • Raising awareness of the legal data environment and best research practices
  • Training in methods and tools
  • Involvement in professional and scientific networks

Contact : (ariane[at]iepg[dot]fr)

  • Ariane Workshops

Software training or practical methodology: follow the Actualités Méthodologie.

  • Awareness of the legal environment

- Charter for the use of personal data by researchers (currently being updated).

RGPD presentation as part of the methods workshop at the Centre Emile Durkheim in Bordeaux (September 25, 2019).

- "Le RGPD appliqué aux SHS", intervention as part of Tuto@Mate (January 11, 2021, Mate-SHS)

  • Training in research data management

- Information and exchange day on research data management, November 23, 2021 at IMAG, in partnership with the Data Unit Grenoble Alpes and the Data Platform Grenoble Alpes. Programme and links to the replay and slideshows of the speeches  Here

Submitted on August 31, 2023

Updated on October 3, 2023