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Institutional membership: 
Université Grenoble Alpes
Assistant Professor (m)
Research areas: 
Epistemology of social science
Research team: 
1281 avenue centrale 38400 ST MDH



I am a faculty-member at Grenoble-Alpes University and Pacte, teaching geography at the Arts and Human Sciences (Arsh) research unit.
My PhD research focused on relations between geography and the political arena in the early-19th century, comparing France, Prussia and Great Britain. I am still interested in historical and epistemological questions, but I have broadened their scope and redirected them, currently working on questions of producing and disseminating science in the light of geography. In particular I am investigating, from a historical or contemporary standpoint:
- the effects of translation from one linguistic sphere to another (drawing in particular on the work of Alexander von Humboldt);
- the circulation of concepts, notions or objects between geography and other human or social sciences;
- the relations between politics and the production of geographic learning.
Adopting a pluri or inter-disciplinary perspective I am also querying the borders of human and social science, ultimately probing the nature of these sciences.

Du projet scientifique des Lumières aux géographies nationales. France, Prusse et Grande-Bretagne (1780-1860)
November, 2014
External supervisor(s): 
Isabelle Lefort