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Sciences Po Grenoble
Assistant Professor (m)
Accredited to supervise research
Research areas: 
Sociologie des sciences
Research team: 
1030 rue des Résidences 38400 ST MDH



Keywords: Sociology of science, biology and society, biosocial models of health, interdisciplinarity, epigenetics, governance of research

I am associate professor in the sociology of science at Sciences Po Grenoble (PACTE). I am working on how uncertain knowledge in the biomedical sciences gains scientific legitimacy and circulates among political and social stakeholders.

Currently I am mainly investigating human research on epigenetic mechanisms, a controversial research area which raises epistemological questions and pinpoints new perspectives in public health. I conduct in-depth qualitative studies in France and in the US, with the aim of examining several research cultures and sociopolitical expectations towards epigenetics. My work is deeply collaborative and involves sociologists of science and health, toxicologists and epidemiologists, in a joint exploration of how epigenetics is redrawing boundaries between nature and nurture. My work is supported by four research grants.


Main collaborations. I am working in collaboration with sociologists at the Epidapo lab (Epigenetics, Data and Politics, UMI CNRS/Georges Washington University) and at PACTE (C. Granjou, C. Schrecker). I am also collaborating with biologists at the Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA and at Univ. Grenoble Alpes (Cross Disciplinary project SYMER).

I am also an associated faculty at the UCLA Epicenter (Epigenetics, Reproduction and Society):