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Université Grenoble Alpes
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Non permanent.e
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Stigmatisation (par l'action publique)
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I am interested in how a Moral Underclass Discourse reduces platforms of expression and leads to citizens having fewer opportunities to organise and oppose hegemony; how legislation, the accompanying elitist and Media discourse play a role in shaping citizen heuristics.  I would like to continue my research focusing on the effects of Neoliberalism upon language and build upon the work undertaken in Ilcea4 during my Master in langues, littératures, civilisations étrangères et régionales, but from political science perspective. This would allow me to better define how perceptions and value judgments are shaped in relation to concepts of equality using both a qualitative and quantitative methodology with a cross-country analysis of neoliberal discourse; how entitlement, processes of self-enhancement in relation to commodification of the individual relate to economic policy. I am currently applying for status as an associate researcher for PACTE.