Sonja Zmerli

Professeure en science politique (Sociologie Politique)
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Sciences Po Grenoble
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Professeure des universités
Habilité(e) à diriger des recherches
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Politique comparée
Psychologie politique
Sociologie politique
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1030 rue des Résidences 38400 ST MDH



On my research profile:

To understand and explain how institutional settings and features of society impinge on individuals’ social and political attitudes and behaviour, and how the latter feed back again into the broader context, is at the core of my research interests. From a comparative perspective and mostly focusing on European societies, I have been conducting empirical research on various topics, such as civil society, social capital, political participation, norms of citizenship as well as political trust and its interrelationship with welfare regimes, corruption and perceptions of income inequality. To gain substantive insights into the complexities of these interactions and their underlying mechanisms, I fully subscribe to the contributions of interdisciplinary analyses with a particular interest in Political Psychology which embraces theoretical and empirical achievements that derive from psychology and social psychology.


Since September 2015, I am Professeure des universités à l’Institut d’Études Politiques de Grenoble. Before my arrival at Grenoble, I held various positions at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main, at the University of Mannheim and the TU Darmstadt (all previous positions in Germany).

Titre de la thèse : 
Inklusives und exklusives Sozialkapital in Deutschland. Grundlagen, Erscheinungsformen und Erklärungspotential eines alternativen theoretischen Konzepts. (Inclusive and exclusive social capital in Germany. Foundations, manifestations, and explanatory po.
Dates : 
janvier, 2001 - septembre, 2006
Directeur.s / Directrice.s extérieur.e.s : 
Prof. Dr. Jan van Deth, University of Mannheim, Germany