“The “predictive justice”: The Translation of Open Data Policy in the Justice Sector?."

“The “predictive justice”: The Translation of Open Data Policy in the Justice Sector?."

This webinar presents ongoing research on “predictive justice”. When 2016 became 2017, international multidisciplinary teams triumphantly announced landmark results in the « prediction » of court decisions from different legal jurisdictions, using machine learning and natural language software. In France, with the entrance into force of the Lemaire « Law for a Digital Republic » (2016), the term “predictive justice” became much discussed and debated. But, what exactly is “predictive justice”? How did it develop? Is ‘predictive justice’ the meeting point between judge’s rulings and computer algorithms?


In this webinar, Laurence Dumoulin will analyse the creation and development of this ‘concept’. It is the product of new institutional arrangements, a new « configuration of administrative reform » that reflects and embodies open data policy in the judicial sector. Understanding “predictive justice” is essential to understand the innovations occurring in this sector: their form and the tools they use.



Laurence Dumoulin is a CNRS Research fellow, Political Science, in Pacte, Sciences Po Grenoble- UGA. 


Her research work straddles sociology of law and policy analysis, with a particular interest in the genesis, institutionalization and uses of expertise and socio-technical systems in policy on justice, law and order. After writing a book on judicial expertise, she turned to analysis of CCTV, electronic monitoring and court hearings videoconferencing. She wrotes several books including : Sociologie du Droit et de la Justice (with Thierry Delpeuch and Claire de Galembert a handbook, Armand Colin, 2014). She is conducting a research project on algorithmic devices for processing and analysing case law decisions, often referred to as « predictive justice ». This research is funded by the Algorithmic society chair. She is the co-editor of the French journal Droit et Société http://ds.hypotheses.org/category/revue-droit-et-societe with Professor Pierre Brunet (University Paris 1-Sorbonne).


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