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Our Values

Mots clefs en désorde : Libre, Inclusif, Pionnier, Collectif, Démocratique, Engagé, Humain, Dans la cité, Tremplin

The result of collective self-assessment work carried out for HCERES, adopted at a general meeting on November 8, 2019, the Pacte values charter constitutes a basis which identifies the values which guide our daily action and which applies to all those and all those who work in the Pacte laboratory. These values are essential to promote the development of the laboratory and allow the development of the women and men who compose it.

This charter also aims to strengthen the cohesion of the staff, to promote their collaboration and to maintain a climate of serenity. Each of the members of the laboratory, on a personal basis, by adhering to this charter, has the elements of reflection which allow him, on a daily basis, to adopt an attitude or to make decisions in accordance with the identity of the laboratory that he is. undertake to respect.



Human-sized teams, integration, listening, relationship between personal life and professional life, promotion of young research, place of elders and transmission


Laboratory project, collegial governance, collective research and approaches, ability to mobilize collectively, laboratory aid, administrative support and methodological support


Creation, freedom of action, resistance to injunctions, disciplinary, methodological and epistemological plurality


Attention to gender equality and the fight against discrimination, support for professional trajectories of all statuses, attention to minority issues


Protective and supportive laboratory, importance of the team, community spirit, benevolence, tolerance, possibility of creation and action regardless of status


Accompaniment of young research towards professional integration, support for publication, administrative and scientific support for setting up a project


Transparency, participatory governance, equity in resource allocation, accountability


Positioning on emerging scientific and social issues, methodological innovations, experiments, interdisciplinary work


Participation and position-taking in public debate, co-construction of knowledge

Invested in democracy

Territorial anchoring, dissemination of knowledge to various social circles, expertise, popularization, diversification of research productions


Submitted on March 31, 2023

Updated on September 21, 2023