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Every year, the lab welcomes new members for a PhD, a Post-doctoral year, an internship, as researchers or as administrative personnel. Join us!


The laboratory welcomes new researchers either as Associate Professors or Professors when the position is attached to Pacte pour la Recherche, or as CNRS Research Fellows or Research Directors.

In the case of teaching-research positions, the laboratory invites candidates to contact the director of the team to which the position is attached before the audition, to ensure that their profile matches the team's research themes.

The PACTE laboratory (UMR 5194 CNRS/Université Grenoble Alpes/SciencePo Grenoble) invites candidates for the CNRS competitions for sections 36, 39, 40 and CID 52 and 53, who would like to apply for support from our unit, to refer first to this leaflet presenting the expectations of the competition, then to the calendar and indications below (dates soon to be updated for the 2023 competition).


Provisional applications are due by January, 10, 2024. They include :

  • The candidate's draft research program (version as of January 10)
  • Minutes of thesis defense
  • CV

Candidates will receive feedback on their application by mid-December 2022 at the latest, with possible support from the Pacte laboratory depending on the quality of the application and the closeness of the candidate's research to the axes of the laboratory's teams.

The laboratory is organized into five teams, each with a CNRS recruitment coordinator:

Environments team : Olivier Labussière, (olivier[dot]labussiere[at]umrpacte[dot]fr)
Social Justice Team: Thibauld Moulaert, (thibauld[dot]moulaert[at]umrpacte[dot]fr)
Governance team: Céline Belot, (celine[dot]belot[at]umrpacte[dot]fr)
Regulations team: François Bonnet, (francois[dot]bonnet[at]umrpacte[dot]fr)
Cities and Territories Team: Adrien Baysse-Lainé, (adrien[dot]baysse-laine[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)


Would you like to apply? Please fill in the online form below as soon as possible, so that we can assign your application to a referee for review. You can submit your research project by January, 10, 2024.


Candidates supported by the Pacte laboratory and declared "admitted to continue" (auditioned) will be able to contact the team close to their theme to organize auditions at the beginning of 2022.



As soon as possible

Candidates interested in the Pacte laboratory should contact the coordinator of the team they wish to join for an initial discussion of their motivations and project.
Early January Candidates send an advanced version of their application using the online form. This pre-project will be subject to a scientific opinion by a member of the laboratory.

Early January

CNRS publishes positions open to competition

Mid January

The Pacte laboratory informs each candidate of any points for improvement in his or her file. It sends a letter of support to candidates who have received support.

Early February


Candidates for sections 36, 39, 40, 52 and 53 are invited to take note of the evaluation criteria and recommendations issued by their respective sections.

Every year, the laboratory welcomes new young researchers under doctoral contracts. These may take the form of research grants from the French Ministry of Higher Education, doctoral grants financed by local authorities or other organizations, or CIFRE contracts. The laboratory does not accept unfunded doctoral students, except in exceptional cases.

Applications must be submitted on this platform.

Doctoral students in the Pacte laboratory benefit from workstations and a laboratory grant of €1,600 for the duration of their thesis, which is used to finance their fieldwork or international communications. They are integrated into the research teams and regularly take part in their activities (seminars, study days, etc.). They are also represented on the laboratory's governing bodies.

To find out more, follow the relevant links:

Current thesis offers at Pacte
List of researchers likely to supervise a thesis at Pacte
List of doctoral students in the laboratory
Université Grenoble Alpes Doctoral College website
Website of the SHPT doctoral school to which Pacte belongs
Charter for doctoral supervision at Pacte
Procedure for setting up a CIFRE thesis at Pacte

Since 2016, UMR Pacte has overhauled the procedure for associating outside personalities with its activity. We are pleased to present it here.

UMR Pacte, Laboratoire de sciences sociales is regularly approached by people wishing to participate in its research activities by becoming a "chercheur.e associé.e", from various statuses. The laboratory's management team would like to emphasize that this is a process that commits candidates to participating in the life of the laboratory and its scientific teams, as well as to publishing (scientific articles and books and/or research reports).

As the laboratory's activities are public, it is entirely possible to attend seminars without being a research associate: to do so, contact one of the Pacte team leaders and ask to be put on their mailing list.

Reminder :

Environnements team headed by : Coralie Mounet, (coralie[dot]mounet[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)

Governance team headed by Stéphanie Abrial, (stephanie[dot]abrial[at]iepg[dot]fr) 

Social Justice team led by Thibauld Moulaert, (thibauld[dot]moulaert[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) 

Regulation team headed by Séverine Louvel, (severine[dot]louvel[at]sciencespo-grenoble[dot]fr) 

Cities and Territories team headed by Frédéric Santamaria, (frederic[dot]santamaria[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) 

The following "profiles" are eligible for Associate Researcher status:

  • Young PhDs who defended their thesis at Pacte less than a year ago and wish to remain in the laboratory,
  • Independent researchers and experts,
  • Teacher-researchers (noting, however, that it is not advisable to multiply dual memberships without being able to justify them scientifically).

The purpose of this document is to set out the rules defining the status of associate researcher, which will henceforth apply to the consideration of applications for the whole of UMR Pacte:

Associates by right (=must fill in a simplified application form, see below, in order to make themselves known => its examination will inevitably be positive):

  • Young PhDs who defended their thesis at Pacte less than a year ago ;
  • ATERs and PASTs recruited from teaching establishments linked to the laboratory, for the duration of their contract;
  • Emeritus and honorary teacher-researchers who have completed their careers at Pacte.

Association criteria.

Anyone wishing to join UMR Pacte must justify their request by demonstrating that their scientific activity is part of one of the laboratory's research teams. This activity within a collective must be effective at the time of application: association consists in acknowledging a collaboration within the framework of the laboratory's research dynamics.

Types of association.

Association with the laboratory is validated by the management and the Pacte unit council, for a period of two years, renewable on presentation of a new application.

The first application must include

  • A CV,
  • A statement by a permanent member of Pacte, under cover of the team leader, requesting that the applicant be attached to the team,
  • A letter of motivation outlining a scientific project for attachment to the laboratory.

The application for renewal, after two years, consists of a succinct activity sheet, which must essentially mention publications produced by the associate researcher under the title of Pacte (= mentioning under the author's name his/her membership of the laboratory as an associate researcher) and initiatives developed in collaboration with permanent laboratory researchers. By "publications" we mean both scientific texts and research reports. It is essential for the laboratory that the research activity of the associate researcher is made public and accessible (notably on the HAL bibliographic platform, access to which will be facilitated for guest researchers by Pacte's services).

For full associates (i.e. young PhDs who defended their thesis at Pacte less than a year ago, ATER and PAST researchers recruited from teaching establishments linked to the laboratory during the duration of their contract, emeritus researchers who have completed their career at Pacte), it is specified that :

  • Eligible persons must make a formal request for association. This must be done at the start of the academic year following their thesis defense (for young PhDs) or the year of their recruitment (for ATERs and PASTs).
  • The application is simplified: it consists of a CV and an information sheet, which can also be obtained from Mme Decaix-Combes: (christine[dot]decaix-combes[at]umrpacte[dot]fr)

Conditions of association.

The associate researcher participates in the laboratory's scientific activities, and in particular in the life of the team to which he/she is attached. He/she is asked by the Communications department to provide bibliographical and biographical information to enable him/her to set up and regularly update his/her personal page on the laboratory's website. Failure to set up this page within two months of receiving notification of association with the laboratory will invalidate the association decision.

Timetable for the association procedure :

  • Submission of dossiers: before midnight 10/01/22: to (christine[dot]decaix-combes[at]umrpacte[dot]fr)
  • Laboratory response after scientific examination of the application by the Board of Directors: end January 2022
  • Duration of association with the laboratory: for two calendar years
  • Procedure to be re-initiated by the associate researcher in November of the year preceding the end of the relationship with the laboratory.

UMR PACTE is regularly approached by researchers who wish to participate in its activities by staying at one of the laboratory's sites. This short-term association is possible but is governed by an official procedure.

The applicants wishing to undertake a short scientific stay at the laboratory are invited to: 

1. Contact a researcher from the laboratory with whom they will need to develop a project to be transcribed in the form of a well-constructed proposal justifying the opportunity for the stay (minimum one-page research project). The project may be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from an external personality. It must be accompanied by a detailed CV. 

2. Specify the mode of financing envisaged for the stay

The reasoned project will be transmitted by the researcher extending the invitation to the head of their team within the laboratory, who will assess its opportunity and provide a brief opinion on the application in return. In the event of a favorable opinion, the team leader will forward the project to the directorate, accompanied by the CV and their opinion on the application, as well as a draft of an official invitation letter

The laboratory management will inform the candidates of its decision regarding possible acceptance within a maximum period of one month from the receipt of the request by the Direction comittee. 

In the event of a positive response, the candidate must promptly return the expected information and documents to the person responsible for the invitations

The administrative registration file will be established in connection with Mrs. Hélène BURGY: (helene[dot]burgy[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) 

She will indicate to the candidate all the necessary documents, depending on their situation and country of origin. 

We draw your attention to the importance of planning ahead - a minimum of 2 months - especially if a visa application is required (allow 6 weeks after acceptance of the application). 

As part of this welcome, the laboratory undertakes to provide you with a workspace, necessary communication/internet services, documentation, and reprographic services. 

The office offered to you may be shared with other researchers welcomed at the laboratory. 

In accordance with this procedure, it is with great pleasure that the Pacte laboratory will welcome you during your stay with us.



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