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InPacte : Let the Scholars Speak!

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Started during the Science Festival in 2020, the InPacte Podcast is providing a platform for scholars to talk about their research topics. In Season 2, aired in 2021, we talked about the COVID crisis. Last year, InPacte's third season featured a new two-persons format, and focused on the topic of climate change. The next season is on its way...

InPacte was created by Pacte's Communication Services and by Emilie Wadelle

Visuel Saison 1

InPacte Saison 1

Le podcast qui donne la parole aux chercheur·es

Pendant la Fête de la science, le laboratoire Pacte s'est mis au podcast !

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Submitted on June 15, 2023

Updated on October 2, 2023