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Sciences Po Grenoble
Assistant Professor (m)
Research areas: 
Social history of social science
Economic history
History of Europe
History of Communism
History of transnational movement
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After graduating from Sciences Po Strasbourg in 2005, I passed the agrégation d’histoire at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris in 2008 before I defended a PhD in contemporary history in 2014 at Geneva University and Paris-Sorbonne University, entitled: Building the ‘Bloc’ through the Economy. Configuration of socialist territories and identities at the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (1949-1989).


After working as a research and teaching assistant at Geneva University in 2009-15, and as a high-school teacher of history and geography (2011-12), I was awarded a post-doc research grant by the Swiss National Scientific Research Fund (2015-17) and taught as a lecturer at Geneva University in 2015-2016.


I have taken part in several Franco-German programmes, including an exchange of parliamentary assistants in 2005-2006 and a course for French history and geography teachers in 2012.


My thesis analysed in a transnational perspective actor networks in international economic cooperation between socialist Eastern European countries members of COMECON. In so doing I deconstructed the notion of an ‘Eastern Bloc’, investigating economic relations as the locus for producing a common identity between partners. This study focused on the modes of representation of a regional space and its borders, and on the idea of an alternative project for Europe, paradoxically mirroring to a large extent the construction of the European Community from the 1950s onwards.


My current research work involves comparative analysis of the training of Communist economists in France and Germany in the interwar period, and study of their relations with the Soviet Union. This has prompted thinking on the transnational circulation of hybrid, alternative economic ideas in Europe from the 1930s to the end of the Cold War.

My research topics include the history of Communism, the social history of economics, European history, the construction and circulation of economic ideas and the analysis of transnational networks.

Construire le "bloc" par l'économie. Configuration des territoires et des identités socialistes au Conseil d'Aide Économique Mutuelle (CAEM), 1949-1989
September, 2009 to December, 2014
External supervisor(s): 
Sandrine Kott, Michel Margairaz

Cette thèse contribue à la connaissance de l’histoire d’une organisation internationale méconnue du système-monde socialiste, le Conseil d’Aide Économique Mutuelle (CAEM), dans une perspective mêlant histoire sociale et étude anthropologique de l’intégration économique européenne. Elle mobilise plusieurs fonds d’archives – du CAEM, de la RDA, de la Stasi et de l’ONU –, et rompt avec les monographies nationales. Au prisme du CAEM, c’est la notion de « bloc » de l’Est qui est interrogée. L’étude examine la place du CAEM dans un espace géopolitique, économique et culturel en construction et en quête de légitimation au cours du second XXème siècle. L’organisation élabore son modèle d’économie internationale socialiste. Limitée à une réflexion théorique, l’action du CAEM présente un intérêt pour ses propres agents. Ceux-ci comptent ainsi parmi les rares individus qui, dans le monde socialiste, développent une acculturation transnationale leur permettant véritablement de considérer le « bloc » comme un espace approprié