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Institutional membership: 
Université Grenoble Alpes
Professor (teaching and research) (m)
Research areas: 
collective action
urban anthropology
urban project
urban transformation
Research team: 
307 IUG
Cité des Territoires 14 av. M. Reynoard 38100 GRENOBLE




My research focuses on anthropological analysis of the political stakes of urban transformation. The objects of my research are: situations of negotiation and conflict that question the role of social critique in town planning; democratic participation; power relations between institutional and non-institutional actors; collective practices in the context of metropolitan transformation. In terms of epistemology, I am interested in the implications of the use of ethnography in urban projects. I believe that the analysis of collective uses, practices, imaginaries and representations of contemporary cities is a a key methodological challenge for urban planning.


In 2010-16 I taught human science in several schools of architecture (Paris Belleville, Paris La Villette, Versailles, Marseille) and took part in various scientific actions as part of the LAA-LAVUE research laboratory (in particular the international workshop Becoming Local and Exploration Chronotopique d'un Territoire Parisien research action). In 2015-16 I took part, as a post-doc, in the MC3 Mediterranean Cities and Climate Change project at the Population-Environment-Development Laboratory (LPED). I started lecturing in urban planning at the Institute of Urban Planning and Alpine Geography (IUGA) in 2016, joining the Social Justice team at Pacte at the same time.