Professeure des universités, sociologue
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Université Grenoble Alpes
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Professeur des universités
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Mémoire collective
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2 place Doyen Gosse 38031 GRENOBLE Cedex



Current Research :

- Experiences and Vulnerability: Risk Society; sensitive posture and vulnerable réflexivity, symbolic exchanges (eg research on shared suffering and palliative care), formes of social invisibilites and political actions.

- Collective memory and memorial conflicts, politics and uses of memorials facts  social role of witnesses and construction of memorials facts and rituals (postcommunism  and postcolonialism period).

- Sociological status and biographical experiences, posture of the subject and identity constructions in postmodern societies, forms of discrimination and public policies.

Direction of Research Projects :


- Non-users of public policies of struggle against discrimination. Financial Support of the French General Commissariat of Territorial Cohesion and French Civil Rights Defender.


- Migrants experiences of  discrimination in employment - for the French Ministry of Interior, Paris – France

- Paths of recognition: cultural spaces and minority aspirations - program of  Academic Research  of Region Rhône-Alpes, ARC5 – “Cultures, Science, Societies and Mediations” with Olivier Leservoisier (Lyon 2 University)

-State of academic knowledge on discrimination in France - Financial Support of the French National Agency for Social Cohesion (ACSE)


-  Path of institutional treatement of discrimination. Comparative analysis of national and local level in France and Poland»


- Discrimination and non-discrimination in the practices of public organizations. – Financial Support of the French National Agency for Social Cohesion (ACSE)

International activités :

Director of international program Rhôn-Alpes Region Coopéra 2015-2017 –France-Canada

Member of Coordination Board of UE programme COST Action ISO603 – Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe

Director of   international program Rhône-Alpes Region  2008-2010 ARCUS-Brésil Social Uses of the past and building identity in Latin America

Director of International revue "Management&Gouvernance"

Member of Scientific Board of  « PGV Network » since 2010

Member of Internation Scientific Bord of international review  « Pensée Plurielle » ed. De Boeck Supérieur, Paris

Member of International Association of Sociologists of French Languge