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Présentation "Beyond the ghetto. Residential dynamics and migrant trajectories in Bologna"

Séminaires et ateliers / Justice sociale, Séminaire Justice Sociale

Le 3 octobre 2023

Institut d'Urbanisme et de Géographie Alpine - Salle des actes

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Maria Grazia Montesano, Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary

Présentation de Maria Grazia Montesano, post-doctorante Pacte.

Discutante : Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary. (Présentation et échanges en anglais.)

"The thesis investigates the dynamics of ethnic residential segregation and it aims to contribute to the critical debate on the characteristics of the phenomenon from the Southern European context. Specifically, the results of a three-year doctoral research conducted on the Bologna case study are presented. Quantitative (georeferenced analysis of foreign population distribution) and qualitative (biographical interviews and housing pathways) methodologies are used in order to identify new possible forms of segregation from a context-dependent perspective."


Le 3 octobre 2023
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Institut d'Urbanisme et de Géographie Alpine - Salle des actes


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